Honest FlexClip Review: The Easiest Way to Create Text and Music Videos


Video editing is a complex technique used to create a personal video where some shooting sequences are modified. You can add special effects and sometimes music tracks as background music. This technology is energy-intensive, and the business’s success depends a lot on the computer and software used.

In this article, we would like to introduce an online video editor, FlexClip, that helps users create and edit the video easily and effortlessly.

FlexClip dashboard

FlexClip Overview:

FlexClip Video Maker is a really beautiful and powerful video creation and editing platform, but above all, very easy and fast to use.

Suppose you also want to establish your image on YouTube and look for a program that can produce videos with significant impact. In that case, FlexClip is undoubtedly one of the best solutions I have found. I am not an expert in video editing, and the initial results were not ideal. I try to use popular software like Adobe Premiere or After Effects to do what I can. Still, these tools require high technical skills, experience and even creativity, so the videos I make are almost always scary.

As time passed, I tried some improvements, but I still don’t have a background in this field. Before I met FlexClip, I still encountered some difficulties.

At first, I didn’t think FlexClip was such a powerful and easy-to-use tool because it was a video editing platform that could run directly in the browser. There is no need to install any programs on your computer: visit the website with a browser such as Chrome or Firefox, and you can use all the tools of the video editing program.

As I said, I was a little skeptical at first, but today I cannot do without it, and if your connection speed is as fast as fiber optics, you will not have the impression of using online tools. FlexClip is designed to allow anyone, even those who are not familiar with these tools, to quickly and easily make any video.

Do you want to make a video for the event, do you want to advertise on Facebook or upload a tutorial to YouTube, or even a video course for students? Whatever the reason you need to create a video, FlexClip is one of the best solutions because it is super easy to use, but the results are truly amazing. Just select one of the many templates, then customize it with images, videos, text and effects, and you can create the final video in a few steps and in a very simple way.

The platform is designed for beginners, and you can create videos with just a few clicks. In this article, we will conduct a detailed review of this amazing online tool after testing this online application.

Features of Flexclip Video Editor:

So far, the service is among the easiest video editing software ever, as it provides basically the same functionality as a PC program. In short, the features can be summarized as follows:

Possibility to manage everything with drag and drop of the mouse

  • Manage everything by dragging and clicking with the mouse. You can optimize the video via drag-and-drop tools or by adding filters, transitions, creating titles and subtitles.
  • You can edit a large number of ready-made templates and templates.
  • The simple and clean interface allows you to import audio, video and image files easily.
  • It works perfectly with material taken from your PC or stock materials, all of which are royalty-free.
  • It allows you to upload your background music, or if you prefer, you can also record a voiceover using the microphone.
  • It supports all popular formats like MOV, WEBM, M4V, MP4, AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3, etc.
  • Easily cut and split audio and video clips.
  • The ability to zoom in or out and rotate videos.
  • Flexible editing features include adding text captions, logos, music, filters, transition effects, and more.
  • Allows you to record your screen and add voice comments to videos quickly.
  • It supports exporting videos based on the most common ratios, such as 16: 9, 9:16 and 1: 1 format.
  • Export videos in various resolutions, and the free version allows you to export at 480p (which is pretty good).

How to Get Started with Flexclip?

Video creation is divided into four main levels:

1) Registration


You can register or log in directly with your Facebook or Google account or use your own email ID. The registered user can store their saved projects, which can continue to re-edit in the future and re-download them for further use.

2) Choose a template

Choose a template

There are lots of templates available for each category, including premium templates, business templates, and personal templates. What’s more, it is also possible to choose millions of royalty-free videos and photos from FlexClip’s media library.

3) Inclusion of text, music, logo and some other effects

Inclusion of text

Those who are unhappy with what these templates offer can easily customize them. You can choose to change the caption text just by leaving the original music or to change both by uploading the music of your choice. In any case, everything is facilitated by the availability of templates, backgrounds, texts, logos, color palettes, etc.

4) Download the final video

Download the final video

To download it. You need to click “Video Production” and choose the desired resolution, including 480p, 720p, 1080p. Just wait a few minutes. The video will be ready to share on your favorite social networks.

Pros and Cons of Flexclip Video Maker

Advantages of using Flexclip Online Video Maker

In addition to having a free plan, FlexClip also ensures that every result is done professionally and in a very short time with just a few clicks.

When it comes to video production, FexClip can compete with other more popular platforms.

As I have already written, it has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. Both beginners and professionals can use it to get high-quality videos easily. It also offers a wide choice of effects, transitions, text styles, etc., and with one click, you can export and save your project.

Disadvantages of using Flexclip Online Video Maker

Flexclip’s online maker offers basic functionality in some aspects, but let’s not forget that this software is intended for beginners.

Although a free version is available, it limits the quality of video exports.

Pricing Details of Flexclip Video Maker:

The BASIC plan’s monthly cost is about $5, allowing you to create up to 50 online projects. These videos are no more than three minutes long and can be exported at 720p HD resolution. I think the third floor of PLUS is best for novice Youtubers. It costs about $8 per month and allows you to export projects in formats up to Full HD resolution, with a maximum duration of 10 minutes per video.

The free plan will not be desirable to everyone, for example, if you are busy with a specific project and want to export a video to HD or FHD size. You must pay fees either with an annual or monthly fee.

All companies that use this bait appear as their platform is free and easy to use and provides you with speed and other things mentioned above. Still, this is like hiding the poison in honey. In this case, you have to upgrade your account.

flexclip pricing

Final Words:

In general, FlexClip, One of the easy editing tools, as it provides a good set of tools for editing, cutting, splitting and merging and still brings some magic to the filmmaking mix. You can drag and drop any clip or image from the gallery, move around, change aspect ratios, insert your own watermark and more.

You can even record your own voice over the top, which is useful for storytelling. Finally, you can share your work through all social networks, but above all, you can save it to the service itself and continue to post wherever you want, including YouTube of course.

If you like a platform, use it, and if you do not like it, there are many options for video editing programs.

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