Top 7 Clonezilla Alternative for Windows

Clonezilla Alternative for Windows

Our computer systems are the first backup source to back up all our files and folders from smartphones, digital camera, SD Card, Pen Drive, and other storage devices. If you encounter a problem with the Hard Drive or wish to switch to an SSD Drive, you look for solutions to take backup or create an image of your drive. In such scenarios, we wish to ensure that we create exact replica of our drives and make them bootable.

Clonezilla was one of the most utilized Disk Cloning and Disk Imaging software that was used by millions of users. There are users who demand more advancement and enhancement in the utilities and started looking for Clonezilla alternatives that come with additional features. These backup drives also help us when we encounter situations like system crash or hardware replacement.

Best Clonezilla Alternatives of 2021

We have tested, reviewed, compared, and listed the best Clonezilla alternative for Windows 10. Which one worked the best for you, do share with us in the comment section.

1. EaseUS Todo Backup

OS Supported: Windows 10 and earlier, MacOS

File Size: 92.7 MB

Price: FREE / $29.95

Download Link: Get it Here

EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup Features:

  •       Easy to use and user-friendly backup and recovery software
  •       Schedule automatic backups to run automatically during idle time
  •       Creates backup of essential files to save time and data in critical situations
  •       One-click instant recovery option to recover lost files on similar or different devices
  •       Take backup of the entire system, file system, partition and Windows OS files to fight system crash
  •       Create Disk Clone or Disk Image as per your requirements to replace your HDD / SDD
  •       Different backup modes to suit all backup requirements for disaster recovery
  •       Create a copy of OS files that work on a different computer or device
  •       Over 40 million happy customers in 160 plus countries

2. MiniTool Drive Copy

OS Supported: Windows 10 and earlier

File Size: 45.8 MB

Price: FREE

Download Link: Get it Here

MiniTool Drive Copy

MiniTool Drive Copy Features:

  •       Solely designed for private and non-commercial use only
  •       Easy to use and simple interface for backup and recovery solutions
  •       Partition to Partition or Disk to Disk copy model for easy backup, imaging, and cloning
  •       Works best on HDD, SSD, USB flash drive, SD card, CF card and other storage devices
  •       Highly secure on data files and prevents damage or data loss situations
  •       Compatible with FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS, NTFS 5 file system
  •       Different copy modes that fit all hard drive/partition sizes

3. Win32Disk Imager

OS Supported: Windows 10 and earlier

File Size: 12.6 MB

Price: FREE

Download Link: Get it Here

Win32Disk Imager

Win32Disk Imager Features:

  •       Raw Disk Imaging solution completely free
  •       User-friendly and easy to use Windows disk imaging tool
  •       Create ISO image files or your first Bootable USB Drive for free
  •       Light-weight software for disk imaging and disk cloning
  •       Compatible with Windows Server 2008/20012/2016
  •       Best Clonezilla alternative for free

4. Acronis True Image

OS Supported: Windows 10 and earlier & MacOS

File Size: 7.5 MB

Price: $49.99

Download Link: Get it Here

Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image Features:

  •       More than a Backup solution with multiple added utilities
  •       Automatic mobile backups and visual protection dashboards
  •       Comes with Antimalware solution for total security of your data
  •       Full back or incremental backup modes for complete security of data
  •       Easy-to-use backup of documents, photos, system files, applications, and more
  •       Backup internal/external hard drives, SD Card, Pen Drive, other storage devices
  •       Efficient all-in-one protection with reliable tools and multi-features
  •       Flexible management of data backup, restore, access or archiving
  •       Active Disk Cloning with anywhere access feature on any device
  •       Cloud backup and restore feature with reliability and speed

5. Paragon Drive Copy

OS Supported: Windows 10 and earlier & Linux

File Size: 32.5 MB

Price: $79.95

Download Link: Get it Here

Paragon Drive Copy

Paragon Drive Copy Features:

  •       Create a bootable USB Drive or clone your OS to a flash drive
  •       Easy solution to create a backup, manage partitions or migrate data
  •       User-friendly console to migrate OS and files to new SDD, HDD or new PC
  •       Rectify booting errors, system crash situations with existing bootable partitions
  •       Supports NTFS (v1.2, v3.0, v3.1), FAT16, FAT32, and BitLocker encrypted Hard Drives
  •       Copy entire Hard Drive, just a partition, OS Files or selected important folders
  •       Exclude data that you don’t want any more with folder exclusion feature
  •       Split, Merge or Redistribute partition free space on one console
  •       Best Clonezilla alternative for Windows 10 and earlier versions

6. Macrium Reflect

OS Supported: Windows 10 and earlier

File Size: 101.9 MB

Price: $69.95

Download Link: Get it Here

Macrium Reflect

Macrium Reflect Features:

  •       Best Clonezilla alternative for FREE
  •       Fastest incremental backup imaging and cloning
  •       Browse your backup content and files in Windows Explorer
  •       Create an image file of Live Running Windows operating system
  •       Comes with ransomware protection and advanced security features
  •       30 days trial and freemium versions available with all the features and benefits
  •       Differential and incremental disk images of different partitions
  •       Schedule your backups with rapid delta cloning and restore
  •       Restore non-booting systems with direct disk cloning
  •       Encrypt your backup files for added safety

7. Rescuezilla

OS Supported: Windows 10 and earlier, Mac and Linux

File Size: 87.3 MB

Price: FREE

Download Link: Get it Here


Rescuezilla Features:

  •       Download and write the ISO to a USB stick
  •       Saves and restores Windows, Mac, and Linux machines
  •       In event of a system crash, boot from the Quick bootable flash drive
  •       One of its kind that works as an Antivirus as-well-as cloning software
  •       Also works as data recovery software to recover deleted files and images
  •       Create a complete functional system backup, imaging or cloning files
  •       Access your files in event of login failures through the software
  •       Compatible to read Clonezilla and other backups
  •       Best Clonezilla alternative for Windows 10

Summing Up

One should always have a disk image and cloning software on their system to take incremental backups and restore the computer in emergency situations. A system crash can happen with anyone anytime without notifying and such Clonezilla alternatives can save your data in crises.

These Clonezilla alternative for Windows 10 are the best chosen FREE applications that offer the best features and utilities to recover from disasters. Always keep Plan B Ready!

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