10 Best Rabbit Alternatives of 2021 (Websites Like Rabb.It)

Best Rabbit Alternatives

Are you searching for rabbit alternatives? Then you have come at the right place.

But first lets understand what was rabbit who doesn’t know more about it.

Rabbit was an online video streaming services with which not only you can share your favorite movies, video to your friends but also can watch any video together with your friends. Rabbit was a dream come true for me because it had all the feature one could imagine while hosting a watch party.

Due to some circumstances Rabbit was sold to Kast. Like me, many people might be searching for rabbit alternatives. So I decided to make a list of sites like rabbit who provide platform to watch movies and video together with friends.

So without ado lets get stated.

10 Best Rabbit Alternatives to Watch Movies Together:

1. Tutturu : Best Overall

Price: Freemium, $5/ Month or $50/ Year to enjoy browsing with no queue.

Just like Rabb.it, Tutturu is also an online streaming websites. Tutturu.tv has shared browsing feature with you can invite your friends and enjoy watching videos and visit any website together. You can create private room and pass the control of that browser between anyone in the room.


1. Free Online Browser

2. Can Watch Movies Together

3. You can do Audio and text chat while watching videos.


Maximum hours allowed around 3 for free users.

2. Airtime : Best for Smartphones

Price: Freemium, $5/ Month or $50/ Year to enjoy browsing with no queue.

If you are looking for rabbit alternative that work on mobile better then this is the perfect option for you. Just like rabbit you can watch video, play music and games together. The best part about Airtime is that you can do audio commentary while playing media. So next time whenever you want to throw watch party remember this rabbit alternative.


1. Best for Phone Usage

2. Send message and photos + you can share stickers and photos.

3. Supports audio commentary

4. No invite necessary


1. Only 10 person allowed in one room.

3.AnimeParty : Best for Anime Collection

Price: Free

Third one in the list of rabbit alternative is AnimeParty. if you are looking for website specifically for Anime content the this is the perfect option for you. First of all its completely free and its has almost all features like rabbit.


1. Best for Anime content

2. Free to use

3. Great synced playback

4. Group Chat Available


1. Do not support webcam and audio.

4. Metastream : Best for Synchronizes Playback

Price: Free

Our next pick for Rabbit alternative is Metastream. The Best part about Metastream is Synchronizes Playback means there will be minimum latency of live streaming between you and your friends. You can Streaming videos of  all major streaming platform like Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, and more.


1. Best Live synchronization playback

2. Chat with friends while watching videos.

3. Free to use.


  1. 1. No webcam, and audio support

5. Invited.tv : Best for Sharing Control of Room

Price: Freemium, $5/month and $50/year

Just like rabb.it, you can Watch movies, anime videos, YouTube or listen to music together with your friends for free. you just need to create a virtual room and share the link with your friends to let them join and even you can share the control of virtual room with anybody in the room.


1. Can share control of the room.

2. Can Host watch party easily.


3. There can be a waiting line to skip that you need to switch to pro version.

6. Watch2gether : Best for Ads free Environment

Price: Freemium, Pricing starts at $3.99/month

Another popular Rabbit alternative is Watch2gether. Here you can enjoy watching anything on the internet with your friends. Watch2gether has Synchronized player for video and audio that means you can enjoy without latency in video as well as in audio. The best part is you can enjoy the whole experience with even sign up.


1. Ads free Experience

2.  No need to sign up.

3. Support Synchronized player


1. Only Support YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and SoundCloud.

2. No webcam or audio message

7. Netflix Party : Best for Streaming Netflix Content

Price: Free

If you are looking for rabbit alternative specifically to stream Netflix content then this will be the perfect option for you. Just like rabbit this tool allows you to watch Netflix videos together in synchronized video playback. This Tool Support group chat and chat feature also support emojis and gifs.


1. Best for Netflix users

2. group chat and supports GIFs and emojis


1. No webcam or audio support

8. Kosmi : Best for NES and SNES Party

Price: Free

Next in the list is Kosmi. This tool allows you to create virtual hangout. you can easily create a virtual room with your friends and chat with them over webcam and microphone. Not only you can share YouTube videos with your friends but also share your local file.

With this tool you can through a poker party or play carom with your friends.


1. No signup Required

2. you can watch videos, play games, chat with your friends.

3. can through NES or SNES Party

4. can sync local video files and YouTube Videos

9. TwoSeven : Best for Real-time Interaction With Friends

Price: Free

Next rabbit alternative is TwoSeven. This Rabbit alternative allow you to watch movies and video together additionally you can check live reaction on the video and chat with your friends too. Feature i love the most about TwoSeven is automatic video synchronization  so you can your friends remain on the same page.

TwoSeven support Crunchyroll, YouTube, Hulu, Disney+, Apple TV, HBO Max, Vimeo, Amazon Prime, Netflix and many more and Hulu, Disney+ and Screenshare are for patron users.


1. Automatic video synchronization

2. Support webcam

3. Free to Use


1.  Some platform are only for patron users.

10. TogetherTube : Best for Voting System

Price: Free

If you want to Watch Videos and listen to Music, together just like rabbit but want to create virtual room according to your choice the togethertube is perfect rabbit alternative.

You can streaming videos of YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and SoundCloud without even signup. Feature that set apart from any rabbit alternative is that you can create poll of video you want to binge watch and ask people for suggestion which movie or video should they watch.


1. Can create poll for voting

2. customize Room Settings

3. Can Binge-Watch your favorite series.

4. No signup required


1. Support to Limited Platform.

Final Words:

Here are the best rabbit alternative with our full research. We hope you find these site useful so you can enjoy feature life rabbit. Although we have mentioned which rabbit alternative is best for what so you can choose easily but if you are using any other rabbit alternative out of this list and found very useful, we will be happy to add that in this list.

So Keep Watching Keep Sharing.

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