10 Best Notepad++ Alternatives for MacOS 2021

Best Notepad++ Alternatives for Mac

Notepad++ is exclusively chosen over devices because of the premier text editing characteristic it inherits. The exclusive features of Notepad++, which distinguish it from the rest of the devices falling in this division, are high quality of personalized GUI, syntax highlighting capability, and facility of folding with multi-document simultaneously, multi-viewing, and playback characteristic.

There are numerous text editors available for MacOS, which are exotic, techno-friendly, adaptable, versatile, and efficient at functioning. Even users are making a Swift transition to the adoption of Mac OS instead of Notepad++, purchasing more macOS than Windows systems. But that doesn’t mean Notepad++ has lost its essence and importance. Even this shift to MacOS gives a much wider choice to the Notepad++ users to experiment with more features.

10 Best Notepad++ Alternatives for MacOS 2021

MacOS is seen as one of the most popular and preferred text editors, But Notepad++ has a Golden niche and can never be replaced. However, the craze for Notepad++ remains the same and will persist. One Mein would love to experiment and explore the diversifying features of Mac OS, but notepad++ will choose the majority of the users. Along with the interaction of MacOS in the market, it (text editor) has also widened its reach and evolving as the market for text editors is stretching.

Do not feel alienated from the experience of macOS because there are numerous notepad++ alternatives for macOS. Let’s explore the top 10 best Notepad ++ alternatives for macOS 2021.

1. Atom.io


First alternative of notepad ++ is Atom.io. Atom is an HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Node best text editor into space. It is designed in an interface that is user-friendly, crystal-clean, has a blend of colors. All these combined features of the atom help integrate, assembling, and then running the command on the electron. Besides having a Supreme quality text editor, it has supplemented features such as Git conflict management, search Stack Overflow, modal control, and project management.

What adds to the attraction of Atom is its inbuilt package manager contributes to making web development immensely favorable, intensely convenient, and user-friendly. So, Atom is an apt option for the ones who are looking for a free text editor in MacOS with highly encrypted coding of C++ has hacking free interface.


  • Atom comes with built-in HiDPI support, free from any issues of functioning and productivity.
  • Free of cost, coded in C++, and can be hacked based on purpose underlining.
  • A comprehensive set of packages supplemented by the package manager


  • It Consumes and utilization of huge memory and takes a lot of time to initialize and get started.
  • Becomes incompetent in dealing with larger text files while editing.

2. Textastic

Textastic editor

Textastic is for the ones who are ready to pay some amount in exchange for getting a high-quality text editor along with huge security and safety. It is considered one of the most suitable paid text editors for macOS.

Textastic is developed and designed in more than 80 source codes, including markup languages, along with an auto-completion feature for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, C, and Objective-C. One of the characteristics that distinguish Textastic from the contemporary MacOS is its unmatchable, unparallel, and unbeatable speed (adapted from the original MacOS APIs).

Textastic takes away all the worries and fears of the organization in terms of customer data management and crucial data management. iCloud sync is the animal feature of Textastic that Virtually connects all the organization’s devices and allows the administration to get access to manage, control, and supervise the data from a single point.


  • Feature of Extensive support dealing in 80+ source codes and markup languages.
  • Superfast text editor, which can deal with huge texts and data files easily.
  • Provides Online iCloud sync for collective data supervision


  • Does not provide terminal support for coding of Python and SSH

3. Brackets:

Brackets editor

Brackets are a good substitute for Notepad++ and an option available free of cost. It is one of the most user-friendly interfaces equipped with the features of instant search, CSS, and JS Hints support. Brackets have in-built Adobe in it to customize thousand requirement-based themes to meet the personalized needs. One additional feature of Brackets, making it one of the most preferred text editors, is Extract.

The Extract helps get the exact data from PSD files as per requirement and according to the task underlining. Moreover, it also offers extended facilities to the users along with text editing. Some of them are the facility of gradient, different font, numerous colors, and exact measurement information, converting data into clean CSS with ease.

Furthermore, it aids in transforming Photoshop Document into a website quite easily. Another characteristic of Brackets is front-end editing, which provides a real-time preview of the user’s changes. Adobe Photoshop enables the users to develop any 3customized designs fit for underlining.


  • Platform to witness the real-time preview of the changes being made
  • Text editing and Code hint integration along with the facility of Photoshop
  • Treasures the value of the money paid for subscription.


  • Initialization takes a prolonged time to start the editor.
  • The comprehensive and complete real time-preview damages the entire application system

4. Sublime Text

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is developed on the baseline of coding, which is a clean, attractive, reliable, and versatile interface. One can open a file in the system even before typing its complete name; seems magical and convenient? Indeed, Sublime Text is super cool and user-friendly and easy to operate in this context.

Sublime Text has an in-built Python API, which helps develop and design more plugins to increase its efficiency and effectiveness while functioning.

Sublime Text app is Appealable free of cost Pradeep beginners, but if the user is planning to implement it for more sensitive data and functioning, then can go for the paid ones as it can function across three platforms simultaneously hurdle or flaw.

Moreover, the additional features of Sublime Text range from command palette, the capability of instant project switch, and the ability to split editing according to the user’s requirement. Sublime Text Could be one of the best substitutes for text editor if used after considering the condition of the user.


  • Premium level of initialization and super cool coding editor
  • Works and can synch with multiple and cross-platform support systems at the same time
  • Lightweight and strong build yet supports a huge range of IDE features


  • Pre- determined coding editor with no scope for modification and instant editing.
  • It does not has a convenient toolbar while operating

5. SlickEdit:


SlickEdit Is one of the most preferred substitutes for Notepad++ for text editing. It has the supreme quality of text editing and the ability to work on cross platforms in real-time. The user can work on multiple projects, symbols, classes, and multiple and huge files and data simultaneously with the support of SlickEdit.

SlickEdit is highly recommended because it can adapt and modified itself with most programming languages. Following the need of the hour. one can handle the enormous data with the help of SlickEdit and debug, compile, and purview the files simultaneously.

Additionally, the error option gives the user a window to identify, locate, and rectify errors in the document, file, or data. What makes SlickEdit more preferred and popular among users for text editing is its ability to accommodate and transform itself according to the suitability of nine different platforms and 60+ primary languages. SlickEdit has intuitive automatic indentation ability and a highly energy-efficient, eco-friendly text editor. But the only point is it comes with a cost, and the user needs to get the license for the same, unlike other freely available text editors.


  • Authentic and reliable source code and multi-language editing facilities
  • Provides the platform for customized macro commands, dealing of functions, and handling of dialogs
  • Has a Support system to assist XCode projects, symbol analysis, and way to access to Visual Studio workspace


  • Option of Only visuals without any command-line facility
  • Struggles when dealt with huge number and large size projects

6. BBEdit:

BBEdit for mac

BBEdit is one of the oldest and the ruling text editor in the world of technology. It has been used since 1992 with the same efficiency, effectiveness, Reliability, functioning, and user-friendly interface. BBEdit It’s certainly a good substitute for Notepad++ as it has the best HTML and text editor in it. Though it was developed quite earlier and during the initialization stage of the technology, it has the current competency and the ability to meet the current requirements of the modern world. Some of the most prominent features of BBEdit are text manipulation, Hard Wrap, an exclusively designed complete kit of HTML tools.

The HTML set is the top and the most distinct characteristic of BBEdit; why is it so? Because it includes convenient markup, multiple file manipulation, and placeholder options. BBEdit comes with 20 built-in languages and customizable syntax for coloring and designing more text styles. Initially, it was the leading text editor, which is freely available for the basic and beginner level facilities.

However, if a person is looking for the key to advanced and innovative features of BBEdit, then the pro-plan option is the way which costs the amount of subscription. But the only point to be considered before substituting BBEdit as a text editor to Notepad++ is its ability to perform the basic and general tasks, not the complicated and intrigued ones. One more thing about BBEdit is its unique feature of grabbing the attention of the users, as it provides the least distraction while working because of the countable and precise number of apps and features.


  • Featured with extensive text and source code systems
  • Allrounder, reliable functioning, and enhanced performance of all the characteristics offered
  • Intensely configurable and supports in developing and creating automated tasks without many difficulties


  • Do not provide direct window preview
  • It comes with a huge cost and adds on to the expenses

7. MacVim Text Editor

MacVim Text Editor

MacVim Text Editor Is considered St most suitable substitute for Mac OS against Notepad++ as it has no different text editing tools than that of Notepad++. What leads the users to prioritize MacVim Text Editor over other text editors is its ability to run on and execute all devices, including Android and iOS.

The most stunning and appealing features of MacVim Text Editor which grab the attention of the users are; amazing transparent background, full-screen mode while working or editing the Text, and the ODB editor support. MacVim Text Editor has the powers and efficiency parallel to the Unix text editor. Real-time grievance redressal and problem-solving feature MacVim Text Editor works as a plus point compared to other text editors at present. It is the best option for looking for a substitute at an advanced level for text editing and free of cost.

Beginners should step back from using MacVim Text Editor as it is a progressive, highly technologically efficient, and software handled by experts. Moreover, it has an inbuilt feature of producing customized results based on the users’ personalized and individual requirements. MacVim is the right and best choice for the ones interested in flawless coding and wishes for hurdle-free window management.


  • The entire plugins system instilled in Vim is supported on MacVim as well
  • Huge community support with cross-system functioning facility
  • It has super cool and most convenient features like Vimtutor, OS X input methods, Multi-byte support


  • Consumes a good amount of time at the time of opening of files having long lines

8. jEdit

jEdit for mac

jEdit Is one of the most trustworthy and valued text editors used worldwide by millions of users. It is available on macOS and Works flawlessly and effortlessly on that. It is an open-source software coded and designed in Java. jEdit Paisa developed on the baseline of the macro language and Can support approximately 200 languages simultaneously, making it the most desirable and wanted text editor, especially for coding.

Syntax highlighting is another feature of jEdit, making it distinct by reducing the Syntex timing and minimizing the chances of Syntax error while developing the window or simply coding. Plus, an in-built feature of jEdit to avail coding platform for the users (at the individual and commercial level) at free of cost is breathtaking and the most fascinating.


  • Syntax highlighting and error location support available for 150+ language modes
  • Even Free for commercial usage and can be easily modified according to the preferences of the users.
  • System of Extensive support for numerous plugins


  • Only developed and dependable on Java
  • Does not provide direct support and link to the author

9. Visual Studio Code:

Visual Studio Code for mac

Visual Studio Code is a text editor developed and designed by Microsoft, available for users free of cost. VSCode is the leading software in Visual Studio Code for web development. Moreover, the ability of Visual Studio Code to deal and develop in more than 30 languages along with the modern and contemporary coding and programming languages make it stand out and shine other text editors. Plus, its main characteristics such as real-time preview, automatic API description display, linting, ready regex support, Git control debugging, and IDE make it the best choice for the people. Finally, its code editor, visual development, and space efficiency make Visual Studio the decision of coding lovers and web developers.


  • Comes with Git and Console Terminal integration for the superfast functioning
  • Syntax highlighting for all major languages to figure out the exact location
  • Super active community support and cross-platform base


  • High power utilization and less battery efficiency
  • The intense app may slow down the functioning of the entire PC

10. Coda 2:

Coda 2 web editor for mac

Visual Studio is chiefly for coding and programming. Users are provided with a huge range of features to aid in coding and to make programming smooth. Coding editor can deal with multiple coding files parallelly, consisting of visual tabs and syntax coloring, giving a new direction to the entire interface. Numerous additional extension options are instilled to direct the coders and programmers towards high productivity and swift web development.

The automation and auto-completion facility of Coda 2 helps in executing and implementing different functions, methods, rules, and syntax flawlessly and boosting the overall performance of the software and enhanced output. Even after editing the coding files, the user can easily manage, save, and transfer to different locations in the system without any difficulty.

Coda 2 is a very easy-to-handle text editor which can be easily substituted for Notepad++ and does not require much training if the user has a good hand over a Google doc and Google spreadsheet. As it is evident that Coda 2 has certain features of Google Docs, making it much more convenient, user friendly, and teachable to beginners to do coding and programming.


  • Provides a real-time, online, and in-person preview with the ease of handling and previewing even on a mobile phone
  • The built-in facility of file transferer for transmitting huge files
  • Has table and writing surface at a centralized place/location.


  • Third-party integrations are not welcomed here
  • Need to learn curves before performing and handling


Notepad++ is not the only option available for text editing in this scenario of fast-moving and highly evolving technology and advancement. People are switching to these most popular and frequently talked about topĀ 10 Best Notepad++ Alternatives for macOS in 2021 to get the best experience and enhanced services.

Choose the right substitute for Notepad++ after figuring out the actual and final purpose of text editing, whether text editing or code editing.

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